Hey there, Mack Daddy…. Daddy Mack

Yea, I know.

You probably don’t consider yourself a mack daddy.

But that’s just now, before you’ve learned the tools.

The tools to GET WOMEN.

Now, we’re not talking about being a player. 

I’m not talking about being a jerk either.

I’m talking about you — a good man, who’s looking to get to know a good girl.

A girl who strikes your fancy.

A girl who’s looking GOOD.

A girl who you’d like to be close to, talk to, and “get to know” (if you know what I mean)

So how do you do it?

How do you approach a girl, ask her out, without looking like a “tool”?

Be careful, because it does happen and boy, do I feel bad for the guy, when I know he’s all nervous and scared to ask me out.

I feel bad, because I’m going to say no.

And a big reason for that “no” is because I’m really, really attracted to confident guys.

Most girls are too.

So isn’t that unfortunate.

If only that guy was more confident, had more “game” (and again, in a good way – not a player bad way), then he’d have his pick of wayyy more women.

This is what I’m going to teach you on this audio.

See, I feel bad when the only reason why a guy doesn’t succeed in getting a girl to say “YES” is because of the way he approaches her.

It doesn’t seem fair.

And it doesn’t seem right either, since you’re the NICE guy… and those other guys who approach every women they see, with those fancy “pick up lines” tend to be ….well, let’s just say….not so good.

So that’s it.

I’ve had enough of the good guys, feeling bad….for being a good guy.

You get what I’m saying?

So….The time has come.

I’ll share with you from a good looking girl’s (and Love Guru’s) 🙂 perspective how to do it.

  1. How to get started
  2. How to approach the girl
  3. What to say
  4. How to close the deal and get her number
  5. How to feel more confident when approaching her
  6. How to know BEFORE you even go up to her –  if you’re going to be successful or not – -(so…hint, hint…. that means, if you do this technique you WON’T approach girls that you know will say “no”).  Which is good for you, because then you won’t get rejected!

And that makes the whole process much easier.

Less damaging to your self esteem

And you get a higher success rate.

Once you have this all handled… the dating process gets much easier.

“Thank you Blaire.  I enjoyed the information you shared and found it useful.  I realized I was making it much harder for myself by doing a cold approach.  The technique you gave to know if she’s interested was really helpful.  I tried it out this past week and found it much easier to ask for girl’s numbers.  Thank you! – Jim, Long Island, NY

“After listening to your recording I’ve been having a much easier time talking to women.  Thanks” – Mark, Chicago, IL

And don’t worry, this is no-biggie.  You’ll learn this all in the “Picking Up Women In A Non-Player Way” 1 Hour Audio

Get it now.  Get inspired, get informed, and get that lady!

You owe it to your love life.

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Picking Up Girls In A Non-Player Way

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Wishing you the best in love,

The Love Guru Blaire
Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Heart Healer, Psychic, Medium, Dating And Relationship Expert, Marriage And Family Therapist


PS:   You gotta listen to this audio on Picking Up Women – in a Non-Player Way, where you’ll learn a concrete way to tell if a girl wants to talk to you …or not… and to KNOW whether she’ll give you her number or not.  This means you’ll keep your ego intact and succeed much more!  Jump on it now!